Canadian GP Press conference

Lewis HAMILTON (McLaren), Pastor MALDONADO (Williams), Sergio PÉREZ (Sauber), Vitaly PETROV (Renault), Adrian SUTIL (Force India).
Q: Adrian, talk about this circuit as you have said it is one of your favourites.
Adrian SUTIL: Yeah, this is a very nice circuit. I like it here. I like the atmosphere here and it is a kind of street circuit. We have long straights here, some chicanes and there is always something happening in the race. It is usually good to overtake but also Montreal as a city is a nice place so I really enjoy the whole weekend.

Q: In terms of the car what sort of modifications have the team brought here for you to address the special qualities of this circuit?
AS: We are still trying to improve our upgrade package that we took to Barcelona. It is not easy to make it work, the blown diffuser, at the moment, the way it should be. But we are working on it. In Monaco I think we ran it for the first time in the race. We are not sure if it really was a big advantage but I am sure it was a little. But there is still more to come. We need now just time on the circuit to understand a lot of things and we also have some other updates on the car, not only the diffuser, especially for this race here. It should be good for us. We have a big straight-line speed. It is a very fast car on the straights. This circuit has fast straights and a few slow speed chicanes and hairpins so it is not such an aerodynamic circuit here.

Q: The last couple of years the Force India has always been good on low downforce circuits. Is that still the case?
AS: Yeah, I think so. It suits us better than a circuit like Barcelona for example. Last year was a very good performance here and very strong qualifying with both cars. Hopefully it will be a little bit better here as qualifying is our main issue. The race is always a bit better but still we want to be somewhere else in the field.

Q: Vitaly, the last time we saw you, you were immobile in the car. How are you now?
Vitaly PETROV: I am fine, thank you. It looks now everything is good. When I went to the hospital they prepare for me the bed close to Sergio but at the moment everything is fine.

Q: Were there are any lasting injuries? Anything that lasted for some time?
VP: Not really.

Q: The race was stopped so when you were in the car what was the problem?
VP: The problem first of all was my legs were stuck inside the cockpit. At the same time I tried to move them and I didn’t feel them. This is why I decided it is better to wait for someone to help me as I tried to feel my fingers on the leg and I couldn’t feel them. This is why I didn’t want to do some bullshit. I just wait for the people who can help me to do something. I thought it was broken to be honest but I was lucky it was not.

Q: Coming to this race, how do you think the Renault is going to perform?
VP: I think we bring some good parts here. We hope it will work and I hope it will be much, much better than last year.

Q: You didn’t have a good race here last year?
VP: No.

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